A History of Eagle Builders

A brief history of Eagle Builders and its experience in the field of earthquake hazard reduction (seismic retrofitting) and historic restoration construction

  • Eagle Builders started seismic retrofitting of unreinforced brick buildings throughout the Los Angeles area in 1984.
  • Selected by the engineering firm of Kariotis & Associates to participate in conjuction with the California Preservation Foundation and the California Chamber of Commerce in reviewing the earthquake damage after the Loma Prieta earthquake in 1989 in the San Fransisco Bay area. We went into five cities to review earthquake damage and possible seismic retrofitting programs and then produced schematic costs analysis' for certain buildings (see "History at Risk", a publication by the California Preservation Foundation, 1990).
  • We have provided the same type of services for the Caifornia Preservation Foundation after other earthquakes: Sierra Madre, Cape Mendocino, Landers and Northridge.
  • We have participated in various seminars in cities throughout California pertaining to the structural reinforcement and repairs of structures damaged by earthquakes.
  • Our Company is proficient in the repairing of earthquake damages, seismic retrofitting and rehabilitating of various types of buildings made with archaic and modern materials (such as adobes, hollow clay tiles, poured in place concrete, stone, un-reinforced brick to modern tilt-ups). The types of buildings we have worked on run the gamut: from residential to industrial, commercial to religious institutions with a special emphasis on historical structures throughout the State of California.
  • Our experience includes those items that are prevalent in the seismic retrofit field (epoxy anchors, plywood diaphragms, etc.) and some that are not (structural reinforced plaster, center coring, deep horizontal embedded anchors, etc).
  • We have worked on projects from San Diego to Livermore, Independence to Palm Springs and everywhere else in between.
  • Eagle Builders has acted in the capacity as the General Contractor and as a subcontractor.
  • It should be noted that we do not provide engineering services (please see our "Professional Associates" page)
  • Awarded the California Preservation Foundation's 1991 Annual Design Award.
  • We have completed many projects under the Secretary of the Interior Standards for Rehabilitations.
  • Participant at the April, 2006 GSAP (Getty Seismic Adobe Project) colloquium and speaker/demonstrator at the GSAP in September, 2006.
  • Since 2004, most of our projects have been at the California Missions, specifically that at Mission San Miguel and Mission San Luis Obispo.

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You can read a number of news articles related to the Mission San Miguel restoration project. Follow the links to read the original articles.

Eagle Builders services areas all throughout California, including:
Burbank, Canoga Park, Carlsbad, Eagle Rock, Los Angeles, Palm Springs, San Diego, San Dimas, San Luis Obispo and San Miguel.

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