A History of Eagle Builders

A more complete history of Eagle Builders

Eagle Builders started their first seismic retrofit projects in 1984 on Pussy Cat Theater's (that's right, the old Adult Movie Houses. They were originally ornate movie theaters). They occupied unreinforced brick (unreinfornced masonry common called URM's) buildings throughout the southern california area. We kept busy working on these types of brick buildings in the general Los Angeles area, where there were over 8,000 URM's in the City of Los Angeles for quite a few years. It was during this period that we worked on the Cameo Theater (built in the 1880's as a vaudeville palace) on Broadway in Los Angeles. The engineering firm was Kariotis and Associates and we worked with Nels Roselund, an engineer from that firm. It was the first building completed under new standards for the upgrading of brick buildings (it was called ABK Methodology and later became the UCBC stand (Uniform Code for Building Conservation)). It was also during these years that we worked on various churches of many denominations, industrial buildings, a few houses and apartments. The 1987 Whittier earthquake was a wake up call for many municipalities who started implementing seismic upgrade programs.

Shortly after the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake, we were contacted by Kariotis and Associates to part in reviewing earthquake damage along with the California Preservation Foundation (CPF) in five cities: Watsonville, Salinas, Hollister, Los Gatos and Santa Cruz. Specific buildings in each city were reviewed and assessments made for their repairs and upgrading by all of us (published in "History At Risk: Loma Prieta Seismic Safety & Historic Buildings published by the CPF in 1990). Although we were in these cities just to do asssessments, buildings owners in Salinas asked us to repair and strengthen their buildings. We retrofitted and repaired quite a few of the buildings on Main Street in Salinas, many of which are of a historical nature. Then we were contacted by building owners in Monterey and retrofitted buildings on Alvarado, Tyler, Washington and Calle Principale Streets in that City.

In 1990, Jeff Seidner Construction and Eagle Builders joined forces creating Eagle Restorations and Builders Inc. for a couple of years. Although we went back to having our separate companies, we have closely together on many projects (Jeff doing the restoration work and Eagle Builders performing the structural requirements).

In 1991, the Sierra Madre earthquake hit. Three of the main structures we worked on were in Pasadena, performing earthquake damage repairs, seismic retrofitting and restorations. They were the Pasadena Playhouse, the main church at the First United Methodist Church located on Colorado Boulevard and the Westminster Presbyterian Church on Lake Ave. All three suffered significant earthquake damage.

When the Northridge earthquake struck in 1994, many tilt up buildings (the large concrete wall buildings used as manufacturing, warehouse and "Big Box" stores) were found to be vulnerable to earthquakes and so we began that type of seismic retrofitting.

In between all of this we could get calls to work on certain historical structures such as the Leonis Adobe in Calabasas which got thrashed by the Northridge earthquake. As can be seen from our "Adobe Projects" and other listings, we have worked all over California on all different types of projects, such as Ryan's Camp, an old borax mining camp in Death Valley to the Mt. Whitney Fish Hatchery in Independence (a stone building) to house foundation bolting projects here and there.

California Missions
Shorly after the San Simeon earthquake in central California in December, 2003, we began shoring up certain portions of the Mission San Miguel which suffered damage from the earthquake. Then we began performing seismic retrofitting on the buildings at the Mission beginning with Phase I (the Gift Shop area) then Phase II (the Museum and Parish Offices) both of which can be seen from Mission Street in San Miguel.

We were then asked to start the seismic retrofit at Mission San Luis Obispo, the first phase being the Youth Center, a mix of stone, adobe and wood framing. Then, at this Mission, we seismically upgraded the Convento (the building where the Gift Shop is located) which is essentially an adobe structure. THe final phase at Mission San Luis Obispo was the Nave, Annex and Bell Tower (a mixture of adobe, unreinforced brick and poured in place concrete) which we completed in 2008.

Then it was back to Mission San Miguel to perform the structural seismic retrofitting and restoration of the exterior on the Nave and Sacristy. (note: it is the only California Mission with the original interior wall fresco's and the viga's (the big interior beams) and ceiling boards are all original). The individual ceiling boards were removed and restored and the exterior plaster was removed and re-installed. This project occurred from September 2008 until September 2009. Then we performed the structural upgrade of the Retreat Wing (complete in 2010) and have been working on Phase IV (the Kitchen, Refectory (Dining Room), Boiler Room, garage, living areas) in 2011.

As can be seen from the above history of our company, Eagle Builders has been involved is "earthquake hazard reduction construction" almost from its inception as a specialized field of construction. And our personnel, most of whom have many years of employment with our Company, have unique skills and knowledge which are required for this type of construction.

Eagle Builders services areas all throughout California, including:
Burbank, Canoga Park, Carlsbad, Eagle Rock, Los Angeles, Palm Springs, San Diego, San Dimas, San Luis Obispo and San Miguel.

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